From The Truckers – Better Training Means Better Drivers!

Trucking Accidents in Pearland Texas

Every year, hundreds of thousands of motorists are injured in trucking accidents, some even fatally. There is a definite problem on U.S. roadways with regard to truck safety, one that has resulted in an increase in federal safety regulations. Yet many feel these regulations are not actually addressing the [...]

Merging and Lane Changes – Are Truckers Paying Attention?

Truck Accidents in Pearland Texas

There are many different reasons for serious and even deadly truck accidents. One common factor in many of these incidents is poor merging or dangerous lane changes. Since operating these large vehicles is more challenging than driving a car, operators need to be alert and safe when making lane [...]

Looking At The Hazards of Overweight Big Rigs On Highways!

Big Rig Accidents in Pearland Texas

Overweight trucks on the highways pose a threat to all drivers. The chance of big rig accidents increases exponentially as trucks exceed the legal weight limit. Unfortunately, there are many things that motivate drivers to operate their vehicles overloaded, even when the risk of big rig wrecks increases. [...]

Dedicated 18-Wheeler Truck Lanes – Will It Ever Happen?

18 Wheeler Accidents in Pearland Texas

Like many other industries, the commercial carrier industry is going through its share of growth and innovation as it attempts to make trucking safer and more efficient. Industry advocates have pushed to add dedicated trucking lanes for many years, a move that could greatly reduce the incidence of [...]

Inadequate Lighting – Can It Cause Semi Truck Accidents?

Semi Truck Accidents in Pearland Texas

Poor visibility contributes to a large number of semi truck accidents that occur on our nation’s highways every year. Besides headlights, federal safety law states that large vehicles must have a variety of visible lights so others can identify them. Despite these laws, semi truck accident attorneys know that [...]

Big Rig Accidents – What About Back Seat Passenger Injuries?

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Big rig accidents happen every day, injuring people in a variety of ways. While many vehicles contain crash protection devices like shoulder harness seat belts and airbags that can reduce injuries in such events, those sitting in the back seat of a vehicle are more susceptible to serious injury. [...]

When Accidents Involve Autos and Pedestrians!

Auto Accident Lawyers in Pearland Texas

Pedestrian accidents are defined as an accident between a car and a person either on foot or riding a bicycle; they happen more frequently than most people realize. These occur on a daily basis and cause both serious injuries and fatalities. Auto accident lawyers handle pedestrian accidents similarly [...]

What Types of Injuries Result From Car Accidents?

Car Accident Lawyers in Pearland Texas

There are millions of car accidents in the U.S. every year. Thankfully, most of these incidents are minor, although they do cause an estimated 2.4 million injuries and as many as 35,000 fatalities.1Car accident lawyers see injuries that range from minor bumps and bruises to more severe trauma [...]

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Looking At Big Rigs And Dangerous Road Accidents!

Big Rig Accidents in Houston Texas

Hundreds of thousands of big rig accidents occur every year across America, resulting in many serious injuries and fatalities. While big rig accident attorneys find that human error or even negligence cause many of these events, road hazards and dangerous roadway also cause a fair number of these [...]

Kids In Car Accidents – The Effect of Growth Plate Fractures!

Accident Attorneys in Pearland Texas

Auto accidents are a common cause of serious growth plate fractures in children. Accident attorneys who deal with all types of injuries understand that children are most susceptible to these injuries. Although any bone fracture is viewed as a serious injury, car accident attorneys stress that a growth [...]

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