The Texas Department of Transportation released its most recent report on auto accidents in the state this May and the numbers are startling.

Among those, more than 15,000 of them resulted in 19,448 serious injuries and there were 4,489 fatalities, an increase of 15% from 2020 statistics.

Translated into time, there was 1 injury every 2 minutes and 1 fatality every 2 hours, making Texas one of the most dangerous states with regard to traffic accidents in 2021.

When considering these sobering statistics, many ask why there are so many accidents in Texas?

Auto accident lawyers in the state do see firsthand some of the causes and where residents in the state must do better to reduce them.

Based on the 2021 TxDOT report, these are the top causes of auto accidents that result in injuries and fatalities. 

1. Distracted or Impaired Driving

As one of the most significant causes of auto accidents in Texas in 2021, distraction or impairment resulted in nearly half of all reported fatalities and countless injuries.

Accidents involving drivers under the influence of alcohol resulted in 1,077 fatalities or 24% of all fatalities for the year.

433 fatalities, a 17% increase from the year before, occurred due to driver distraction such as texting, phoning, or eating while driving, causing the driver to lose focus of the road in front of them.

Lawyers find that distraction and impairment both can lead to head-on collisions, driving off the road, speeding, and other dangerous situation.

2. Failure to Adhere to Traffic Rules

Another significant cause of accidents that auto accident attorneys see is a failure to obey traffic rules such as speed limits, not using turn signals, unsafe merging, unsafe passing, and failing to yield properly.

Accident numbers in 2021 include 824 pedestrian fatalities where a driver did not yield to people on foot.

Attorneys find that excessive speed is a factor in a high number of accidents of all causes.

3. Mechanical Issues

Vehicle problems, whether caused by poor maintenance or defective parts, are another cause of accidents that auto accident lawyers see more often than some might think.

Keeping up with vehicle maintenance is the easiest way to prevent these types of crashes.

4. Unsafe Driving

Interestingly, a study on the influence of defensive driving courses shows that with fewer drivers taking these courses in Texas over the last few years, auto accident numbers have risen, with serious injuries and fatalities rising with them.

According to the study, there has been a 27% decrease in courses taken from 2019 to 2022 and a correlating 23% increase in auto accidents, suggesting a definite connection.

The most important things that these courses teach are defensive driving and traffic rules, both of which are essential for safer driving.

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When accidents result in injuries or worse, it is essential to reach out to an experienced auto accident attorney who can help.

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