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Being broadsided by a tractor trailer is one of the most serious big rig accidents you could experience. Broadside or T-bone big rig wrecks often end with tragic results.

The best advice from lawyers who represent clients involved in big rig accidents to avoid these crashes and the severe injuries that can be a result is to know how they happen and how to avoid situations that could lead to one.

High Fatalities in Broadside Big Rig Accidents

Among all big rig accidents that result in the deaths of occupants of passenger vehicles, the IIHS reports that 25% of these incidents happen in side-impact crashes.1 This is second only to head-on collisions with big trucks, with rear-end collisions occurring at only 6%.1

Broadside big rig wrecks are extremely dangerous due to the degree of force on the sides of passenger vehicles, which can be easily crushed upon impact.

Common Causes of Broadside Big Rig Wrecks

Tractor trailers collide with passenger cars for a number of reasons and often at intersections. Based on crash statistics and the many cases that big rig accident lawyers see involving broadside accidents, following are some common causes of these deadly incidents:

  • Running Red Lights - Whether this is done accidentally or knowingly, trucks running red lights are responsible for many broadside big rig accidents.
  • Failing to Yield or Stop Completely - Trucks that fail to yield to oncoming traffic with the right of way or that do not come to a complete stop at traffic lights and stop signs often cause dangerous side-impact big rig wrecks.
  • Failing to Properly Gauge Traffic When Making Turns - Truck drivers must practice good judgment before proceeding through an intersection, making a left or right turn, or even traveling straight ahead. Poor decisions, turning too soon in front of traffic, or turning without enough time to clear the intersection are all common reasons for these crashes.
  • Driver Distraction - Big rig accident lawyers find that driver distraction due to fatigue, impairment from alcohol or drugs, or operating equipment in the cab are responsible for a large number of broadside accidents. Distraction reduces a driver’s ability to make good decisions and can be the underlying cause of why T-bone truck accidents happen.
  • Mechanical Problems - Brake failure and other mechanical issues are also a common factor in side-impact truck crashes.
  • Weather Conditions - Bad weather can attribute to deadly side-impact truck wrecks when it causes reduced visibility and poor stopping conditions.

Considering the many different ways in which broadside big rig accidents may occur, what can you do to avoid one? The lawyers who help clients recover from big rig accidents recommend that you approach and proceed through intersections with extreme care and be alert for vehicles that may not stop when they should.

Be aware of when large trucks approach intersections at the same time as you and be prepared to respond accordingly if the truck does not yield. In the event that you are unable to avoid an accident, immediately contact an attorney who specializes in broadside big rig wrecks and who can help you deal with the situation and provide the legal assistance you need!

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1Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, Highway Loss Data Institute: Fatality Facts - Large Trucks 2016