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Working in the construction industry can be dangerous as construction accident lawyers well know.

What is especially troubling is the prevalence of construction accidents that happen in the state of Texas.

Work injury attorneys deal with a disproportionate number of cases surrounding construction accidents, leaving many questioning why this happens.

Texas Has the Highest Rate of Work Injuries

According to a number of reports on incidence of workplace injuries and fatalities, Texas has topped the list in recent years.

A report by the Texas Department of Insurance or TDI found that in 2015, there were 527 fatal occupational injuries in Texas along with thousands of non-fatal injuries.1

This number is startlingly higher than the yearly mortality rate in all other states,2 leaving even work injury lawyers wondering why this is so true.

Why So Many Construction Work Injuries?

A significant factor in the number of work accidents that result in injuries and fatalities in Texas is the specific construction industry which they occur.

Although most might assume that the highest accident rate would be in the drilling industry, this is not true.

Including general construction and specialty contractors, the construction industry has the second highest accident rate in the state, preceded only by transportation industry accidents.

Why so many construction work injuries?

Construction accident attorneys and state safety advocates point out that in general, construction work leaves more risk of injury simply by its nature.

Yet statistics indicate that most fatal injuries are due to falls.

Even so, there is one other factor that has been brought to light due to continuing research on the cause of these startling facts: training.

What Is The Key To These Accidents?

OSHA reports that some of the most common construction industry injuries are falls, electric shock, collapsing scaffolding or trenches, being struck by equipment, and failure to use required safety equipment.

Sadly, those who work for accident law firms find that most of these accidents are preventable.

What is important to note in all of these cases is one single common factor.

Is There Adequate Safety and Injury Prevention?

Based on the research available, most preventable accidents are due to lack of training, inadequate use of safety equipment, and dangerous equipment.

All of this lies under the basic heading of safety and injury prevention.

There does not seem to be enough industry and employer training being given before workers make it to the construction site.

Is There Enough Properly Working Safety Gear?

In addition, many companies are failing to provide necessary safety gear and ensure that all equipment is inspected and in safe working condition.

These are details that many work injury attorneys feel both contracting companies and government agencies share responsibility for, as both must work together to ensure worker safety.

Employers themselves should also be providing enough initial and continuous employee training to make their worksites a safer place.

Final Thoughts on Construction Accidents

Most construction accident lawyers agree that the construction industry is dangerous and most in need of greater accident prevention attention.

With stricter safety requirements and more training, the number of accidents that result in injury or death as well as the need for services from work injury lawyers can be reduced!

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1Texas Department of Insurance Division of Workers Compensation: 2015 Fatal Occupational Injuries in Texas

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