With the holidays just around the corner, now is a good time to think about auto accidents and how to prevent them. Auto accident lawyers see many accident cases during and after the holidays for many different reasons. Drivers must be especially careful to avoid accidents and needing to speak with accident attorneys during this busy season.

Increased Holiday Fatal Car Accidents

A high percentage of automobile accidents occur over the holidays as compared to non-holiday times. It is unclear whether this is due to stress, increased traffic, or the number of holiday parties people attend during this time. Studies on holiday season accidents show that as many as 50 percent more accidents happen at this time than on any normal day.1  Driving on the roads and traveling 50 miles or more to visit friends and family creates a significant increase in accident risk, even without the influence of other associated factors such as an increased consumption of alcohol during holiday visiting time. Weather also adds to the driving risks because of the likelihood of icy and snowy roads. All of this leads to increased car accidents in most areas. 


Over the five-day period surrounding Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years in 2014-2015, the Texas Department of Transportation reported that 121 fatal traffic accidents. In general, about 100 people per day die in highway auto accidents nationwide. In 2009, over 500 people died on Thanksgiving Day alone, a day that is considered to be one of the deadliest days of the year.2 The most traffic fatalities still happen on Labor Day as compared to any other day of the year.  

Avoiding Holiday Accidents

Auto accident lawyers stress that drivers must practice safe driving skills to avoid accidents during the holidays. It is also important to be aware of the increased possibility of accidents. It is essential to stay alert to driving dangers because of higher traffic volume and tired, stressed, and potentially intoxicated drivers on the roads. Be sure to follow all traffic laws and consider weather-related driving issues. Always drive the speed limit, even if running a little late; arriving late is better than not arriving at all. Accident attorneys also remind drivers to never drink and drive after a  holiday party; seek alternate transportation. 

Whether it is the holiday season or not, defensive driving is always the best option. Car accident lawyers point out that every driver should be safe and help prevent accidents during this time of increased driving risks. Drivers should be alert, sober, and drive cautiously to help keep holidays as times of joy and celebration and avoid needing the services of accident attorneys. This is the best way to get everyone to the party and back home safe and sound!


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