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There’s a lot to see and do in big metroplexes, especially in some of the beautiful cities in Texas.

On unavoidable obstacle is that bigger cities are notorious for their traffic congestion and car accidents, even minor fender benders, are notoriously common.

Even though some smaller Texas cities. - and Brownsville Texas is the best city in the country - rank high among the safest driving cities in the U.S with the least number of accidents, some of the biggest and most popular cities in the state experience much higher accident rates due to higher populations, larger vehicle volume, and increased traffic congestion.1

Car accident lawyers know that city driving can be nerve-wracking for some, increasing the possibility of having an accident.

Learn here these tips about safe city driving so you can commute in confidence or see the treasures that our state’s amazing cities have to offer without fear and incident!

Expect Traffic and Traffic Jams

Enter the city expecting to share the streets with many cars, trucks, and buses, all trying to get places at the same time as you.

Avoid needing a car accident attorney by driving slowly, remaining calm, and staying alert to everything happening around you.

Give yourself extra time to get to your destination so there’s no reason to rush and you won’t become anxious if you get stuck on a street that seems like it’s more parking lot than thoroughfare!

Expect Taxis, Buses, and Other Vehicles

Big cities are business, shopping, and recreational meccas, meaning they are filled with traffic of all kinds.

Be alert to buses picking up and letting off people, trucks stopping and unloading, and aggressive taxi drivers who will quickly pass slower drivers or even cut off other drivers.

Be ready to brake if you have to, but try not to be too premature either.

Keeping a driving cushion is nearly impossible in the city as cars constantly move into those spaces, so stay extra aware and try to anticipate what vehicles in front of you might do.

Yield to Pedestrians and Cyclists

Besides the many types of vehicles you’ll encounter in the city, expect many pedestrians as well as people on bicycles, electric scooters/skateboards/bicycles/mopeds/hoverboards/Segways, all trying to beat the traffic in other ways to get where they’re going.

Know that when you’re stopped at a red light, pedestrians have a walk signal to cross the road.

Since some corners may not have that signal or a properly marked crosswalk, car accident lawyers warn that you must still yield to those crossing in front of you even if they’re doing so at an unmarked intersection.

Avoid Driving During the Rush Hours

The busiest times in any metropolitan area the morning rush hour between 7 and 9 AM, and the evening rush hours between 4 and 6 PM.

If you can avoid driving during these times, it would be wise to do so, as the possibility of a car accident increases with heavier volume.

Rush hour driving can get especially stressful, so if you have to drive during those hours, stay alert to everything happening around you and drive cautiously.

Drive In The Right Lane

Though multi-lane city streets may be jam-packed with cars, they work the same as multi-lane highways in that slower moving vehicles should stay to the right.

Stay in the right lane to avoid causing more traffic by backing up the faster lane; just be aware of things like vehicles stopping, drivers getting in and out of parked cars, and other similar situations.

Big City Driving - Be Calm, Cautious, and Safe

Whether you work in or just visit them, the big cities of Texas and their surrounding metropolitan areas are prone to high traffic congestion.

By following these tips, you can drive more safely in the city and avoid an accident that could leave you in need of services from a car accident attorney.

If you prepare for high traffic volume and know how to react to it, your drive will be as safe as driving on any other street.

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1Allstate America’s Best Drivers Report, 2019