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There are thousands of motorcycles on the road every day, sharing the highways with other larger vehicles. They are efficient transportation and fun to ride. Unfortunately, lawyers who help people injured in motorcycle accidents see the downside of motorcycle riding when riders are involved in dangerous crashes. Eighty percent of all motorcycle accidents involve injury or fatality according to the statistics compiled by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration/NHTSA.1 

Whether you ride a motorcycle for pleasure or as your main mode of transportation, avoiding accidents should have top priority. Follow the tips below from motorcycle accident attorneys to learn how to safely share the road while driving a motorcycle and avoid dangerous accidents.

Increase Visibility To Others

More than three-fourths of all motorcycle accidents happen because the drivers of other vehicles did not see or notice the motorcycle before the crash. Knowing this fact, it is essential that riders increase their visibility to other drivers. Wear bright colors, use your headlight on high beam day and night, add reflectors to your motorcycle, and honk the horn when necessary.

Be Alert and Look Ahead

Lawyers who handle motorcycle accidents agree that defensive driving is the best way to avoid situations that lead to crashes. Be alert to everything happening on the road both around and especially in front of you. Watch for unexpected traffic flow changes in front of you to avoid being hit.

Do Not Speed

Avoid speeding, which motorcycle accident attorneys know can reduce your ability to properly maneuver and balance your cycle. Slow down in traffic and avoid making sharp turns at full speed. This is especially pertinent when you do not know what may be on the other side of the bend.

Stay Off the Road in Bad Weather

Even if you are a skilled rider, poor road conditions can be disastrous. Avoid riding in the rain whenever possible and keep off the roads in snowy or icy conditions. Besides the increased chance of crashing due to poor traction, motorcycle accident lawyers stress that you could also end crash if other drivers are unable to stop in time to avoid hitting you.

Use Extreme Caution at Intersections

Intersections are the location of up to half of all motorcycle accidents, so be extra careful in these situations. Another vehicle turning left across your path is the most common scenario you may encounter. Take time to make sure you are seen before you proceed, even if you have the right of way.

Never Drink and Ride

Riding a motorcycle after consuming alcohol exponentially increases your chance of being involved in a crash. Motorcycles are already more difficult to maneuver than cars. Accident attorneys stress that alcohol, which can impair your balance, motor functions, and ability to make sound decisions, can make riding a motorcycle even more difficult. Save lives, including your own, and stay off your cycle if you plan on drinking.

Overall safe motorcycle driving to avoid accidents is basic common sense. The accident lawyers who see the aftermath of motorcycle accidents stress that when drivers understand the risks and know how these crashes can happen, the necessary steps can be taken to prevent dangerous situations. If you drive a motorcycle, make these habits a part of your traffic safety routine and enjoy the thrill of being on a motorcycle!

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1Department of Transportation, National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration, Crash Statistics: Motorcycles, Updated 2017