Personal injury cases resulting from car accidents can be very complex. As attorneys who handle car accident claims build a case to support the injury claims of their client, expert opinion may be needed. Expert witnesses can play a vital role in the trial of a case by auto accident lawyers. Expert witnesses provide vital support including research, investigation and necessary conclusions which attorneys then rely upon as they present the case. When selecting an expert witness, it is important that a proper expert be chosen and introduced into the case at the right time.1

What Is An Expert Witness?

Expert witnesses can be vital to the outcome of a personal injury case. Experts are specific witnesses who, because of their extensive knowledge in a particular area, may be asked to testify during a trial to give their professional opinion on a topic related to the case. Car accident attorneys often seek the opinion of an expert to assist in a case in order help educate the judge and jury about certain relevant topics.

Who Qualifies As An Expert Witness?

When seeking the services of an expert witness, it is essential to choose the correct expert. An expert witness is highly skilled in their field, has extensive experience, and is seen as an authority in the area being presented.1 It is preferable that an expert witness have prior courtroom experience as they must be able to explain themselves well amidst questions that may try to disprove or weaken their testimony. Car accident attorneys must carefully examine an expert witnesses' credentials and references to ensure the expert chosen can help the case.

When Do You Need An Expert Witness?

The time to bring in an expert witness will differ depending on each case.1  Expert witnesses can assist with case development by asking important questions and offering important ideas to attorneys that may not have otherwise been uncovered. By working with an expert witness before trial, an attorney may better prepare for examination of witnesses at trial.

Expert witnesses serve an important purpose in many personal injury cases.  They help auto accident lawyers, juries, and other involved parties better understand some of the intricate details involved in a case. These experts provide factual, professional testimony that supports the argument being presented by attorneys who represent car accident victims. When attorneys use them at the appropriate time, expert witnesses can be instrumental in helping car accident victims receive a fair and reasonable injury settlement.

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