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Sideswipe tractor trailer accidents are fairly common because of the amount of traffic on the roads today.

While trucking companies may try to blame these events on other drivers, lawyers who work with clients injured from tractor trailer accidents know that most of the time the fault lies with the truck driver.

If you have been sideswiped by a big truck, tractor trailer attorneys can help you determine who is truly at fault and seek a fair settlement on your behalf.

What Is A Sideswipe Accident?

Tractor trailer lawyers recognize a sideswipe accident as one that involves one vehicle driving into the lane of another vehicle while the two are side-by-side, resulting in a collision.

Sideswipe collisions are the most prevalent of all types of crashes, with about 45% of all tractor trailer accidents classified as a sideswipe collision.1

According to one highway safety study, big trucks were at fault for more than 50% of all sideswipe collisions in a report of nearly 17,000 truck-car wrecks.1

The attorneys who handle this type of accident find that many of these events result in deadly accidents.

It is mostly due to either heavy trucks crushing smaller vehicles or by pushing them off the road or into the path of other vehicles.

How Do Sideswipe Tractor Trailer Accidents Happen?

Although sideswipe accidents happen for a number of reasons, tractor trailer lawyers agree that most of these crashes are due to some kind of driver error or mechanical failure.

Trucks can leave their lanes and collide with the traffic next to them when:

  • Drivers are distracted or fatigued and do not realize their driving maneuvers or the traffic around them.
  • Drivers are careless and fail to thoroughly check their blind spots.
  • Drivers are impaired by alcohol, prescription or illegal drugs, or stimulants, all of which affect their perception.
  • Trucks experience a tire blowout, brake failure, or another mechanical failure that causes either the tractor or trailer to swerve out of its lane.
  • Drivers fail to slow down for bad weather, slick and slippery roads, tight curves, and other poor conditions.

Who Is Really At Fault In Sideswipe Accidents?

When sideswipe tractor trailer accidents occur, it is not uncommon for trucking companies to blame the other drivers around the truck.

Yet it is important to understand that it is a truck driver is responsibility to stay aware and aware while driving.

They must always ensure their path is clear before starting any lane-changing maneuver.

Tractor trailer attorneys advise their clients that it is also a truck driver’s responsibility to keep their vehicle well maintained, drive at safe speeds, and practice safe driving habits in all types of weather and driving conditions.

Considering what research on this matter has shown, most of these collisions occur when drivers do not uphold these responsibilities and drive their trucks into the traffic beside them.

The best way to avoid ending up in sideswipe tractor trailer accidents is to give big rigs a wide berth and stay alert whenever traveling around them.

In Summary

Tractor trailer lawyers know these accidents are common and could occur at any time, through no fault of the other involved driver.

If you are sideswiped by a big rig, contact experienced tractor trailer attorneys.

They will fully investigate your accident resulting from the actions of a careless and dangerous truck driver and seek a fair settlement on your behalf!

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1U.S. Department of Transportation, Federal Highway Administration Research and Technology Summary Report, Highway Safety Information System: An Examination of Fault, Unsafe Driving Acts, and Total Harm in Car-Truck Collisions, July 2004