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Auto accidents can be traumatic in a number of ways.

You may not realize it, but car crashes are one of the more recognizable and prevalent causes of anxiety today.

If you’ve been in an accident and find yourself dealing with anxiety or similar conditions, it could be related.

Car accident lawyers find that mental trauma like anxiety is a lot more common than many people realize.

What is Accident Related Anxiety?

Of all the injuries that people sustain in a car accident, none are more ignored than mental and emotional ones that can happen.

Accident-related anxiety syndromes like Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and generalized anxiety can develop after physical trauma like auto accidents.

Experts believe this type of anxiety is caused by the brain’s inability to analyze and accept a traumatic event as it's happening and as a result, strong emotions and memories end up locked into a person’s thought process.

When these memories resurface, they can cause the person to experience anxiety.

This can affect everything from the ability to drive or even ride in a car to sleep patterns, decision-making, ability to finish tasks, and more.

As such, personal injury claims attorneys know that accident-related anxiety can significantly affect a person’s life.

Anxiety in the Aftermath of Auto Accidents

It is thought that as much as 9% of the general population involved in auto accidents develop PTSD or some other anxiety disorder after an accident.1

This number may be under-represented as many sufferers fail to get treatment which could reduce their anxiety and help them heal.

Unfortunately, when people develop anxiety in the aftermath of a car crash, their entire life can change.

Accident related anxiety can cause behavioral changes that may lead to depression, loneliness, a reduced ability to enjoy life, irrational fears, and damaged relationships.

As car accident lawyers well know, getting treatment for mental and emotional trauma immediately post-accident is critical for a promising outcome.

Treatment can also be expensive, leaving many sufferers unable to seek help.

What Can You Do About Accident Related Anxiety?

The most important things that anyone can do regarding accident related anxiety is to take the problem seriously and seek psychiatric counseling.

Beyond that, be sure to contact personal injury claims attorneys who can help you with your injury case so you can get the important treatment you need.

Mental and emotional injuries like anxiety, PTSD, and depression are recognized as compensable injuries.

An experienced attorney can help you obtain the compensation required to get the care you need.

Final Thougts On Car Accident Anxiety

If you have been in an auto accident and now suffer from anxiety, irrational fears, depression, or other mental or emotional symptoms, speak to car accident lawyers who can help.

Accident related anxiety is a real, recognized psychological injury that needs treatment. Your lawyer can help you get the compensation you deserve to ensure you can seek that important treatment!

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1U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, National Center for PTSD, Traumatic Stress and Motor Vehicle Accidents, 2/23/26