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There are millions of registered motorcycles used for daily transportation and recreation.

These vehicles make up only a fraction of the traffic on the roads; however, lawyers who handle motorcycle accidents are well aware that they are involved in a disproportionate number of accidents.

To stay safe on the roads and avoid being involved in a motorcycle accident, riders should know the most common types of crashes that require the services of motorcycle accident attorneys and how to prevent them.

Motorcycle Accidents More Prevalent Than Car Accidents

Motorcycle accident lawyers point out there are more than 8.6 million motorcycles registered in the United States, a number that is climbing each year.

Although they make up only about 3% of all registered vehicles and less than 1% of all vehicle miles traveled, motorcycles are responsible for 14% of all traffic fatalities1.

The NHTSA has recorded more than 5,300 fatalities and 88,000 injuries in its 2016 motorcycle statistics report.

According to the report, riders are 6 times more likely to be fatally injured in a motorcycle accident overall and 28 times more likely per vehicle mile than occupants in a passenger vehicle.

The Most Common Type Of Motorcycle Accident

Based on these statistics, motorcycle accident attorneys stress the fact that as efficient and enjoyable as motorcycles may be, they are a more dangerous mode of travel than passenger vehicles.

The most common type of motorcycle accident involving two vehicles is a frontal impact for the motorcycle.

Among these wrecks, up to 41% of them occur in an intersection after passenger vehicle fail to yield to the motorcycle when making a left turn.

Head-on crashes account for 23% of all 2-vehicle crashes involving a motorcycle and another vehicle.1

Staying Safe on the Roads Riding Motorcycles

While riding motorcycles in traffic, the key to staying safe and reducing the chance of having an accident or needing the services of motorcycle accident lawyers is being aware of when and how accidents are likely to happen to prevent them.

Riders should always practice defensive driving and assume car drivers do not see them, especially at intersections.

Even though motorcycle accident attorneys usually find car drivers at fault in these types of collisions, careful riders who pay attention to what is happening in front of them can prevent a crash with quick thinking and appropriate responses.

Final Thoughts On Motorcyle Accidents

Motorcycle accident lawyers would like to emphasize to all riders the elevated risk of being involved in a motorcycle accident when riding in traffic.

The best ways to prevent the serious or even fatal injuries that can occur in common head-on collisions is to wear a helmet, take a motorcycle class before venturing into traffic, and then always practice defensive riding.

Motorcycle owners who do so can enjoy their vehicles safely without needing the services of motorcycle accident attorneys!

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1NHTSA Traffic Safety Facts, 2016 Data, February 2018