Recent traffic accident data has revealed that driving in Texas is not as safe as it could be. According to lawyers who help clients deal with the aftermath of injury-related car accidents, Texas drivers are involved in more than their share of fatal accidents.2 Based on the TxDot 2014 Crash Highlights Report, Texas has a high number of traffic-related injuries and fatalities.  Auto accident attorneys across the state suggest that drivers pay attention to these details and do their part to not become another injury or fatality statistic.

Texas - Leader in Total Traffic Deaths

According to the IIHS 2014 statistics regarding accident deaths, there were more traffic fatalities in the state of Texas in 2014 than any other state1. A total of 3,534 traffic fatalities occurred in 2014, which was an increase of 126 fatalities from 2013.2 This number equates to 13 fatalities for every 100,000 people living in the state. This percentage ranks Texas as the state with the highest number of total traffic deaths in 2014 and the 24th most dangerous state based on deaths by population numbers. This number also represented 460 more traffic fatalities in 2014 than the state of California that has 12 million more residents and only 3,074 deaths.1

Some Texas Crash Specifics

Over 55 percent of all fatal traffic crashes in 2014 occurred in rural areas and resulted in 1,974 fatalities. More than 39 percent of all fatal crashes were single vehicle, run-off-the-road type accidents that resulted in 1,384 deaths. 581 fatalities occurred from head-on collisions and 823 fatalities happened at or near intersections. 29 percent of fatalities involved alcohol in some way. According to 2014 TxDot detailed crash data, there was one reported vehicle crash every 66 seconds in Texas, injuring one person every minute and a half and killing one person every two and a half hours.2  Texas did not have one day in 2014 without a fatality .  

What Does This Mean for Texas Drivers?

The apparent conclusion from these statistics is that Texas drivers need to take their driving safety habits more seriously. Lawyers who represent clients injured in car accidents point out that Texas had the highest number of traffic fatalities over all other states in 2014 and that number increased from the previous year. An area of particular concern is on rural roads, where 55.86% of the fatal accidents took place. Drivers must avoid activities that distract them while driving and stay aware of road conditions, especially on rural roads where conditions or visibility could be compromised. Attorneys representing those injured in auto accidents assert that paying attention to basic driving safety, avoiding dangerous driving habits like speeding, eliminating distracted driving problems, and not driving when intoxicated can help reduce fatal accident numbers.

Lawyers who help car accident victims in Texas know that drivers do not want to cause or be involved in auto accidents; yet they happen, and many are preventable. Auto accident attorneys stress that it will take an extra effort from Texas drivers to reduce injuries and fatalities from car accidents and make Texas roads safer for everyone!

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