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With the arrival of summertime and its inherent good weather, more people than ever are hitting the road on vacation or just out and about enjoying time outside.

Auto accidents surprisingly tend to increase in the summer months, a detail that most people don't know and find surprising since many believe winter to be a more dangerous season.

One of the particularly deadliest travel times all year is the 4th of July weekend because of the increased traffic volume and driving distractions that come with it.

Distracted driving is a known cause of countless accidents every year with as many as 2,935 distracted-related crashes that resulted in 3,166 fatalities in 2017 alone with 599 fatalities not vehicle occupants but instead pedestrians or bicyclists.1

What can you do to avoid being involved in a distraction-related driving accident this summer?

Follow these important tips to stay safe on the highways and get safely to your destination.

Avoid Using Technology While You’re Driving

A leading cause of driving distractions today is using technology like cell phones, GPS, and music players while driving.

Auto accident attorneys recommend making a rule to set your GPS and music before you leave as well as silence your phone while driving so you’re not tempted to read texts or make calls.

If you need to do any of these things enroute, pull over somewhere safe to send your text or reset your GPS, then continue on.

Prior Route Planning

Plan your route and an alternative ahead of time when taking a trip to avoid getting lost, running into construction zones or closed off highways, and facing other factors that can make driving more stressful and cause an auto accident

You will be less distracted with your GPS or maps while trying to figure out where you made a wrong turn or what exit you need to take.

Be sure to have your car checked ahead of time to avoid the risk of dealing with a sudden breakdown that can distract you long enough to interfere with other drivers on the road.

Allow Extra Time to Get There

Like planning your route ahead of time, attorneys suggest that you should expect delays and give yourself extra travel time.

Rushing to get to a destination can cause distracting stress that results in carelessness and dangerous mistakes.

Be aware that you will encounter more roadway traffic in the summertime and schedule accordingly.

Restrain All Passengers - Including Pets

Whether you’re traveling with friends or family, children or adults, or even taking your pets on vacation with you, make sure everyone is occupying an actual seat in your vehicle and properly restrained.

Avoid traveling with more people than your car can safely accommodate and keep your pets harnessed within the car or restrained in crates, as pets loose in the car are a leading cause of driver distraction.

Stay Focused and Avoid Distractions

Whether you’re taking a much-anticipated vacation or just running errands around town, auto accident lawyers stress that not only is it warm weather season, but it’s car accident season, too.

With more cars on the road in the summer months, it’s more critical than ever to avoid activities that can distract you and cause a car accident.

Stay focused, stay safe, and enjoy your summer by avoiding distracted driving!

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