Within the 50 states, Texas bears the unfortunate recognition of having the most fatal automobile crashes in 2022, with 4,496 lives lost on the state’s roads last year.

This number represents approximately 13% of the auto accident fatalities throughout the entire nation and thus far, things don’t seem to be differing much in 2023.

In fact, there are so many auto wreck fatalities each year in Texas that the state has not seen a deathless day for 23 years, not since November 7, 2000.

Breaking that startling record must start with understanding why so many accidents happen in Texas and what can be done to prevent them

The Common Causes of Automobile Crashes in Texas

According to TxDOT, there were more than 650,000 automobile crashes of all types on Texas roadways in 2022, resulting in nearly 4,500 fatalities.

The most common causes of these accidents were speeding, distracted driving, DWI, and accidents at intersections.

Motorcycle accidents were also among them, with thousands of crashes resulting in 520 fatalities of motorcycle riders and passengers.

Single-car automobile accidents involving vehicles that went off the road were the most common, though head-on collisions and other multi-vehicle accidents were prominent as well.

Who Is Involved In Automobile Accidents in Texas?

Texas has the second-highest number of drivers on the road over any state other than California.

Among these drivers, teen drivers are involved in the most car wrecks, with drivers between the ages of 18 and 34 receiving the most fatal injuries.

After these groups of younger drivers, older drivers over the age of 70 are reported to have numerous accidents, while middle-aged drivers between the two age groups are involved in the fewest accidents.

Where Do Texas Automobile Wrecks Occur?

Texas is a massive state, with countless miles of highways and country roads.

While both are locations where auto crashes frequently happen, most happen in and around the major cities due to the traffic volume in these locations.

Houston leads the state with more than 12% of the state’s total accidents occurring in this area. San Antonio is second with 8.4% of all auto accidents, Dallas is third with 6.4%, El Paso next with 3.1%, and Fort Worth close by with 3%.

While a high percentage of these auto accidents occur in and around major cities, many accidents happen on open interstates as well as in suburban and rural areas as well.

What Are The Costs of So Many Automobile Crashes?

The Texas Department of Transportation reports that in 2022, the financial cost of Texas automobile wrecks was nearly $56 billion.

This figure includes damages for fatalities, medical treatment for injuries, physical damage, lost income, and other tangible, financial losses.

Yet what this figure does not include is the more intangible losses that people experience such as pain and suffering, which are difficult to estimate.

The Value Of An Experienced Personal Injury Lawyer

With so many auto crash fatalities happening every year in Texas, it is important to take note of what the common causes are and what populations are most involved in them in an effort to reduce those events.

Hopefully, it is possible to break the auto wreck record and have a deathless day in Texas tomorrow or sometime in the near future.

Anyone who is involved in an automobile accident in the state should contact a personal injury lawyer who can review their case and help them file a claim for compensation.

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