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Despite the ongoing efforts of safety organizations to increase driver safety and reduce traffic accidents, fatalities that occurred in accidents across the nation increased in 2015. These numbers may be especially significant in Texas, since auto accident lawyers understand that Texas is home to some of the country’s most deadly highways. Of course, there are many details to be considered when determining which are the most dangerous highways, not just the number of fatalities. Texas personal injury lawyers deal with many accident cases on behalf of those injured on these roads. To reduce accident frequency, lawyers suggest that drivers must be aware of which roads are the most hazardous and take precautions to stay safe.

Traffic Fatalities on the Rise

According to a recent press release by the National Highway Traffic Safety Association (NHTSA), there was a 7.7 percent increase in traffic fatalities in 2015, with over 35,000 deaths due to traffic accidents.1 This is an increase of more than 2,500 in 2014 which may have in part been caused by increased traffic due to lower fuel prices. With more people on the highways in 2015, there were increased traffic fatalities in 9 out of 10 regions in the United States.

The Most Dangerous Roads in Texas

Texas is a huge state, home to numerous interstates and large highways. There are also many rural highways that have recently become instrumental in transporting oil and gas. The state experiences many traffic accidents every year on these roads that are unfortunately accidents with many fatalities. Using information gathered from various sources, personal injury lawyers have determined some of the most deadly highways in the state between 2010 and 20142 include:

  • Interstate 20 (322 fatalities - the #1 most deadly highway in Texas)
  • State Hwy 59 (268 fatalities)
  • Interstate 10 (422 fatalities)
  • Interstate 30 (442 fatalities)
  • State Hwy 83 (135 fatalities)
  • State Hwy 72 (22 fatalities)
  • Interstate 45 (211 fatalities)
  • State Hwy 82 (14 fatalities)
  • State Hwy 290 (33 fatalities)
  • State Hwy 67 (90 fatalities)

Why Are Texas Roads So Deadly?

Auto accident attorneys point out that one consideration with these rankings is how different roads are evaluated. Calculations for this ranking included the following factors: the amount of traffic on a road; the number of fatalities as compared to the traffic; general road condition and safety; the type of vehicles that travel that road; and other factors.

Some roads like Highway 72 and Highway 82 have fewer total fatalities yet rank as the most dangerous roads in Texas due to the type of accidents occurring on them, the types of vehicles using those roads, and the number of fatalities in comparison with road traffic numbers.2 Some of these rural highways in Texas are becoming more dangerous because of increased use by heavy trucks as a result of the growing oil boom. On the other hand, huge highways that see massive amounts of many kinds of traffic are similarly dangerous. Due to higher traffic numbers, they are proportionately responsible for a higher number of deaths.

It is important to understand that there are many different reasons why roads can be dangerous. Lawyers stress that drivers on all roads must exercise caution and drive safely to prevent more accidents. Auto accident lawyers agree that drivers must be aware of the two main factors that can increase accident fatality numbers on Texas highways: heavy trucks and regular heavy traffic. Keeping this information in mind when traveling across a state as large as Texas is the best way to help prevent deadly car accidents.

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