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Serious car crashes, falls, and other accidents can often result in traumatic brain injuries or TBI's& that can affect a person in many different ways, sometimes even permanently.

The long-term effects of these accidents can be disastrous according to the lawyers who help clients with a serious brain injury, changing a person’s life forever.

The fact that a person may deal with disability for the rest of his or her life makes the handling of such cases especially challenging to make sure injured victims get adequate compensation based on the severity of the injury.

For this reason, it’s essential that anyone injured with a TBI work with an experienced brain injury attorney who understands how these injuries affect a person and is prepared to fight for the compensation their clients deserve.

Some Statistics on Traumatic Brain Injuries

Traumatic brain injuries range from simple concussions to more severe injuries that either temporarily or permanently disrupt the brain function in various ways.

The CDC estimates that there are nearly 3 million TBIs every year with approximately 900,000 serious brain injuries in children that result in an ER visit1 and nearly 60,000 fatalities with more than 2,500 involving children.2

As many as 290,000 of those accidents have required hospitalization with 23,000 of hospitalized patients being children.2

Among the causes of all TBIs, 52.3% are unintentional falls and 20.4% car accidents.3

Traumatic Brain Injury Can Cause Long-Term Effects

While many people recover fully from minor TBIs, injury claims lawyers know that many others do not and leave recipients permanently affected by their injuries.

Lasting complications can include:

  • Frequent headaches and dizziness.
  • Cognitive problems.
  • Vision problems and seizures.
  • Learning disabilities.
  • Loss of taste, smell, or motor function.
  • Depression.
  • Many other symptoms.

In more severe cases, the brain injury can result in permanent disability or the inability to function normally in many ways.

Traumatic Brain Injury Can Change A Life Forever

The long-term effects of TBI can permanently change a person’s life for the rest of his or her life.

Some of the prolonged effects could include:

  • Being unable to hold a job.
  • Suffering from ongoing emotional problems.
  • Having protracted pain and suffering.
  • Experiencing the inability to maintain a personal relationship.

Some may even become dependent on others for their care or need continued physical therapy or psychiatric counseling.

Compensation for the Long-Term Effects of TBI

Treatment for TBIs can be extremely costly and continue indefinitely whenever the injured person suffers ongoing issues and needs continuous support.

Therefore, injuries such as this can be especially complicated, requiring the expertise of an attorney very familiar with these types of injuries.

Putting a value on things like loss of income, current and ongoing medical expenses, loss of quality of life, and other problems is especially difficult since some of the cost of a TBI can be subjective depending on the individual injury and person involved.

Lawyers who help clients diagnosed with a TBI must skillfully negotiate for adequate compensation based on the severity of the injury and long-term prognosis, especially when a TBI renders a person unable to work, dependent on others, or in need of ongoing care.

Work With An Experienced TBI Claims Attorney

Traumatic brain injury claims cases are as complex as the injuries themselves.

Those diagnosed with a TBI need knowledgeable legal representation to be sure he or she receive suitable compensation for their current condition as well as any long-term effects their injury may present.

For many, life changes forever after a TBI - an experienced traumatic brain injury lawyer can help.

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