For those suffering the after-effects of an 18 wheeler crash, the damages can be significant.

The financial damages resulting from 18 wheeler accidents can enter the hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars, but money is not the only cost of these events.

Accident lawyers frequently see those injured in these crashes experiencing non-economic, damages as well, all of which must be taken into account when considering damage settlements.

What Are Non-Economic Damages Resulting From An 18 Wheeler Crash?

Non-economic damages resulting from an 18 wheeler crash are those that are not financial in nature.

Essentially, they are the damages on which there is no initial dollar value, like someone’s pain and suffering.

Calculating the financial cost after an 18 wheeler accident involves simply adding up the dollar cost of damages like medical care, property damage, and other compensable costs.

Since pain and suffering as well as other non-economic damages are unique to each person and accident, they must first be identified and then somehow assessed to assign a monetary value to them.

What Compensable Non-Economic Damages Are Recognized In Texas?

According to the Texas legal code, accident lawyers can help their injured clients gain compensation for non-economic damages suffered in an accident that might include:

  • Physical pain and suffering
  • Physical disfigurement or impairment
  • Mental or emotional pain or anguish
  • Loss of society, companionship, or consortium
  • Loss of enjoyment of life
  • Other qualifying non-economic losses excluding punitive damages

All of these types of intangible problems that come in the aftermath of a serious semi-truck accident are recognized by law and can be considered when calculating the true financial cost of that accident.

How Do Accident Lawyers Place Value on Non-Economic Damages?

Non-economic damages suffered in an 18 wheeler crash add a layer of complexity to any accident claim.

Although these are compensable damages, accident lawyers must first evaluate them in order to convert these intangible damages into a dollar amount.

This is accomplished by considering many factors related to the 18 wheeler accident and the injuries that were sustained as a result such as the severity and extent of injuries, the type and duration of impairment or disability sustained, the projected length of recovery, and other factors.

Additionally, details such as accident liability, insurance payments, and the total financial loss a person may be subject to due to the accident and how it has affected their life are also considered.

Using a common formula, lawyers will consider all of these points and assign a severity scale to them, then calculate a monetary compensation amount.

Contact An 18 Wheeler Accident Lawyer After An Accident

Monetary damages are far from the only cost of 18 wheeler accidents that result in injuries.

In fact, non-economic damages resulting from an 18 wheeler crash can add up to a considerable amount when an accident victim experiences pain and suffering as well as other serious intangible damages.

The best solution for identifying these damages and receiving fair compensation for them is to hire an experienced lawyer.

An accident lawyer experienced with semi-truck accidents will explain their rights to an injured crash victim and help them negotiate for the fairest accident compensation that considers non-economic damages as well as financial ones.

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