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Every year, auto accident lawyers handle cases involving all types of car accidents that resulted in serious injuries and fatalities. Auto accidents cause over 30,000 deaths annually on U.S. roads and highways.1 Experienced injury claim attorneys point out that many of these accidents are preventable. Although accidents will always happen, personal injury lawyers recommend that drivers consider the following tips that can help them avoid an accident. The life a driver saves may very well be his or her own.

Never Speed

The most basic of all traffic safety rules that all drivers must follow is obeying the posted speed limit. Speed limits are posted to prevent accidents that occur when speed is unsafe under specific road conditions. A factor in a high number of traffic accidents is excessive speed. When drivers abide by the posted speed limit, they help everyone as well as reduce the likelihood of an accident.

Never Drive While Intoxicated

Drunk driving attributes to nearly one-third of all traffic fatalities and is responsible for more than 10,000 deaths annually.2 Many of those fatalities were from people riding in other cars and not the intoxicated driver. Personal injury attorneys agree that there is never a reason for anyone who is intoxicated from alcohol or any other substance to get behind the wheel of a vehicle. If intoxication is an issue, drivers should find another means of transportation to avoid the increased possibility of causing a deadly accident.

Avoid Driving Distractions

Distraction is another significant cause of auto accidents. Drivers can be distracted in many ways that causes their driving attention to wander. Some of the possible distractions may include: phoning or texting while driving; eating or drinking while operating a vehicle; listening to loud distracting music, adjusting infotainment systems in a car; and driving while fatigued. Injury claims attorneys stress that drivers must learn to recognize distracting circumstance and avoid them to prevent the deadly accidents caused by distracted driving.

Recognize When Accidents Might Happen

The most desirable driving conditions are an open highway, good weather, and low traffic. Unfortunately, people face different challenges every day while driving, many of which can lead to car accidents. To avoid being involved in an auto accident, personal injury lawyers urge drivers to be aware of hazardous driving conditions such as bad weather, parking lots, and high traffic conditions, then act accordingly. By staying aware during such situations, drivers will make better decisions, have an increased reaction time, and avoid mistakes that could result in a car accident with injuries.

Consider Investing in Safety Technology

Today’s vehicles are smarter than ever and help drivers avoid accidents. Anyone who drives a motor vehicle should select one they can safely operate and control as well as consider a vehicle with more safety features. Lives are being saved thanks to features such as stability control, lane warning systems, and blind spot monitoring.  Purchasing such a vehicle is a wise investment and worth the extra cost for such safety features.

Personal injury attorneys point out that it is impossible to prevent all traffic accidents. On the other hand, safe and observant drivers can drastically reduce the incidence of car accidents. Auto accident lawyers and traffic safety advocates recommend that all drivers know about these tips and practice them. It is well worth the effort to avoid becoming another accident statistic.

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