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With startling statistics showing over 350,000 car accidents per year and having the most fatalities of any state, Texas leads the way in auto accident fatalities and serious injuries sustained in traffic-related accidents.

In just the first quarter of 2022, there were more than 1,000 traffic fatalities in Texas, over one-tenth of the entire nation's total which stands at 9,560.

The state and its many car accident lawyers saw nearly 4,500 fatalities in 2021, with Texas having the most of all states for many years.

The big question is: why does Texas have so many dangerous car accidents that lead to serious injuries and fatalities?

One component is the larger population in the state, but aside from that factor, one must look at the different ways that accidents happen and their common causes.

These are the top 5 basic causes found to be responsible for the highest numbers of fatalities in Texas year after year.

1. DUI

Driving under the influence ties for the top cause of the most auto accidents leading to fatalities and serious injuries in Texas.

Associated with 25% of all Texas traffic fatalities, it is an increasing yet preventable problem plaguing the state.

The easiest way that drivers in Texas can reduce these statistics is to simply avoid driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs to make the state’s roadways safer for everyone.

2. Speeding

The second top cause of car accidents leading to fatalities in Texas is speeding at 25% of all Texas traffic fatalities respectively.

Driving at unsafe speeds is common and much more likely to result in an accident that turns deadly.

Car accident lawyers see in their many accident cases that mistakes are easier when driving at unsafe speeds and the crashes are more damaging due to the vehicle’s speed and momentum.

3. Distracted Driving

The third most significant cause of car accidents in Texas is distracted driving, which leads to everything including rear-end crashes and collisions due to lane crossing, driving off the road, or driving into the path of oncoming vehicles.

Found to be the cause of about 20% of all fatal traffic accidents, distractions such as texting while driving, eating and drinking in the car, fidgeting with vehicle controls while driving, talking on the phone, and simply failing to pay close attention to the road have proven deadly time and time again.

4. Unsafe Left Turns

Making an unprotected left turn across traffic is not only unsafe but also responsible for one-tenth of all car crashes in Texas each year and 20% of all traffic-related fatalities.

Since most of these auto accidents are t-bone or side-impact crashes that provide less protection to the occupants of the vehicle, fatalities are common when unsafe left turns across lanes of traffic are made.

5. Faulty Evasive Action

The final most common cause of traffic fatalities and one that often results in legal cases handled by a car accident lawyer is evasive action.

It is natural and expected for drivers to react in an attempt to avoid an impending accident, but when those reactions are faulty, they can inadvertently cause one instead.

Inaccurate and dangerous maneuvers taken in trying to avoid another perceived accident, such as running off the road when attempting to not rear-end another vehicle, account for 10% of all fatal car crashes.

In fact, statistics show that 4 in 10 evasive action events result in a different crash instead.

Talk To An Experienced Lawyer After Any Serious Car Crash

Texas is home to millions of drivers who are involved in hundreds of thousands of car accidents every year.

When serious or fatal auto accidents happen, those involved should seek experienced representation from lawyers who understand how these events happen and know how to determine fault and pursue at-fault parties.

A skilled car accident lawyer can help any accident victim and their family get the compensation they deserve for their pain and suffering.

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