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Truck accidents are some of the most severe traffic accidents that currently happen on our roads and highways.

What makes them even more significant are the legal cases that can follow as lawyers who help truck wreck victims attempt to figure out what happened and in what order to ascertain fault.

Evidence from the accident scene is critical to this process.

Evidence from Trucking Accidents Tells an Important Story

Just like the evidence left at a crime scene can help explain whodunnit, the evidence left after a trucking accident can also provide essential explanations as to what happened and why.

This is partly due to the fact that with moving vehicles, every action causes a reaction, some of which result in dangerous trucking accidents.

That information can be used to reconstruct a chain of events to determine what went wrong to cause the crash.

Trucking Accident Lawyers Must Collect and Preserve Evidence

The moment that trucking accidents happen, a race begins to collect and preserve evidence from the crash scene.

Truck accident attorneys must collect and document everything they can, from damaged vehicles and other structures to skid marks on the roadway.

All of that must either be physically collected and stored or digitally recorded.

Witness accounts of the event are equally important as are the medical records created once injured victims are examined and begin undergoing medical treatment for their injuries.

Trucking accident lawyers stress that the more time that passes from the time of the crash, the higher the possibility is that some of this evidence may be altered, lost, or even destroyed.

Something as simple as a blown tire could hold the secret as to the cause of an accident resulting in injuries and property damage.

This is why anyone involved in a truck crash should immediately contact truck wreck lawyers who can start the process of collecting and preserving evidence right away.

Cases can be won or lost based on the amount of evidence collected to prove what happened and who is at fault.

Some insurance companies may destroy crash evidence if an attorney does not immediately request its preservation.

Preserving Evidence from Accident Scenes

There are a number of different types of evidence that trucking accident attorneys need to preserve from accident scenes in order to recreate the event and determine who is at fault.

These include everything from eyewitness statements and physical evidence from the scene to collecting the police report, medical records, and any other official paperwork generated.

Photos should be taken at the scene and critical data like electronic records from the truck and driver records obtained.

To have physical evidence preserved, attorneys must send a spoliation letter to insurance companies to prevent disposal or tampering with that evidence.

Then using all of this, lawyers can begin an investigation and if necessary, a forensic reconstruction of the accident itself.

In Conclusion

When truck accidents happen, calling truck accident attorneys can be the last thing on your mind.

Yet it should be one of the first things done after medical attention for your injuries.

Determining the true cause of the crash and who is responsible could depend on a piece of evidence that has been destroyed, either mistakenly or intentionally.

To get the best outcome in this type of accident case, always contact lawyers who can immediately begin to preserve the evidence critical to your case!

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