Texas Drivers And Work Zones – Why Do Accidents Happen?

On any given day, there are hundreds if not thousands of active work zones operating throughout the U.S. and in states like Texas as our roads are constantly being built and repaired to keep us all moving.

According to personal injury attorneys, these zones are especially dangerous with a high [...]

How To Avoid Car Accidents When Driving This Thanksgiving!

Holidays are some of the most common times that people are involved in car accidents that leave them making phone calls to car accident law firms the next day.

Of all the holidays, Thanksgiving ranks as the second most unsafe holiday for auto accidents according to the American Safety Council, [...]

Do Your Back Seat Passengers Buckle Up? They Should!

Buckling up is one of the easiest safety measures that passengers can do to prevent or reduce injuries in an auto accident.

In spite of the known benefits, car accident lawyers still deal with many accident cases involving injured back seat passengers.

Auto accident attorneys sadly find that that there [...]

Significant Facts About Auto Accidents in Texas And PTSD!

Auto accidents can lead to many types of injuries, both physical and emotional.

Although time can heal physical wounds, auto accident lawyers in Texas know that those caused by traumatic stress may be more challenging to resolve.

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder or PTSD affects more people in car wrecks than [...]

Did You Suffer Dental Trauma From An Auto Accident?

Lawyers in Pearland Texas

Millions of people are injured every year in all types of motor vehicle accidents. Among these incidents, auto accident lawyers find that a considerable number of people sustain traumatic injuries to the face and jaw that result in dental injuries.

If you have suffered a dental injury in [...]

Will It Help To Get Traffic Camera Videos Of My Car Accident?

Auto Accident Attorneys in Pearland Texas

If you have been injured in a traffic accident, auto accident attorneys advise that you will need all evidence that can be gathered to successfully present your case. Lawyers who help clients injured in car accidents suggest that you can gain some of this evidence from traffic cameras that [...]

When Accidents Involve Autos and Pedestrians!

Auto Accident Lawyers in Pearland Texas

Pedestrian accidents are defined as an accident between a car and a person either on foot or riding a bicycle; they happen more frequently than most people realize. These occur on a daily basis and cause both serious injuries and fatalities. Auto accident lawyers handle pedestrian accidents similarly [...]

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