How to Avoid Serious Car Accidents in Big Texas Cities!

There’s a lot to see and do in big metroplexes, especially in some of the beautiful cities in Texas.

On unavoidable obstacle is that bigger cities are notorious for their traffic congestion and car accidents, even minor fender benders, are notoriously common.

Even though some smaller Texas cities. - and [...]

Prevent Car Accidents – Watch Your Space Cushion!

As many as 30% of all the car accidents that happen yearly in the United States are rear-end accidents resulting in thousands of mild to severe injuries and fatalities, comprising 6.8% of all traffic fatalities.1

Sadly, most rear-end accidents are avoidable and in part caused by failing to maintain a [...]

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What Should I Do If My Car Accident Claim Is Denied?

Car accidents happen every day and when they do, drivers depend on auto insurance companies to accurately determine fault and award damages according to how their policies are written.

Yet there are times when insurers may deny a claim and decline to pay any benefits to victims injured in crashes.

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What Should I Do If Involved In A Hit-and-Run Car Accident?

According to Texas state motor vehicle laws, those involved in even minor car accidents are required to stop their car at the scene, stay there, and do certain things before leaving.

As any car accident lawyer can tell you, there are unfortunately times when a driver may leave the scene [...]

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Car Accidents – Beware Of The Dangers of Rubbernecking!

Distracted driving causes car accidents and comes in many forms, from texting while driving to falling asleep at the wheel.

Another form of distraction that can cause accidents requiring assistance from attorneys who concentrate on handling car accidents is rubbernecking.

These law firms have found that rubbernecking at a previous [...]

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Heavy Traffic and Rear End Accidents – Learn The Facts!

Rear-end car accidents account for as many as 23% of all traffic accidents,1

As minor as these rear-end crashes can be, Texas personal injury lawyers also see many serious injuries as well.

They are annually responsible for nearly one million injuries and approximately 2,000 fatalities.1

Attorneys who help their clients [...]

Vehicle Submersion and Car Fires – Do They Happen A Lot?

car accidents in pearland texas


Car accident lawyers who help people injured in automobile accidents know that crashes occur in a variety of ways. Rarely do these car accidents involve vehicles that are submerged in water or ignited on fire regardless of what you see on television or in the movies. This misleading information [...]

Did You Know Car Accidents Are The #1 Killer of Children?

Car Accidents in Pearland Texas

One of the worst things car accident attorneys must deal with in their work is when children are killed in car accidents. Sadly, motor vehicle crashes are the #1 killer of children between the ages of 3 and 14.1 Even more disturbing is the fact that car accident [...]

Studying Car Accident Liability – Emergency Driver Responses!

Lawyers in Pearland Texas

Car accidents are just that - accidents. Attorneys who help clients injured in car accidents realize that nobody intentionally gets involved in a crash. Still, when assessing the events leading to an accident and determining liability, car accident lawyers must consider how drivers respond during these events and [...]

Car Accident Attorneys Help With Disputed Car Accident Claims!


Car accident injury claims can become challenging legal cases when there is a dispute regarding liability. Every year, some drivers are unable to obtain compensation for their injuries because there is disagreement over who or what caused the accident, which may delay or even prevent a settlement. [...]

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