Texas Drivers And Work Zones – Why Do Accidents Happen?

On any given day, there are hundreds if not thousands of active work zones operating throughout the U.S. and in states like Texas as our roads are constantly being built and repaired to keep us all moving.

According to personal injury attorneys, these zones are especially dangerous with a high [...]

Drunk Driving During The Holidays – Don’t Become A Statistic!

Making merry with a drink or two is a part of many people’s holiday plans; however, auto accident lawyers advise that those couple of drinks could lead to an accident if you are not careful.

Auto accident incidence rises substantially over the holidays, leaving many with the need to call [...]

Personal Injury Lawyers Advice – How To Avoid Holiday Auto Accidents!

The holidays are here and though this is a time for celebration, many personal injury attorneys find that for many, it ends in tragedy due to a car accident.

Car accident lawyers note that this is also one of the more prevalent periods when accidents occur.

Last year, there were [...]

How Personal Injury Lawyers Help With Catastrophic Injuries!

According to experienced personal injury lawyers, a catastrophic injury can become a lifelong issue, both personally and financially.

In dealing with such injuries and their aftermath, it is seriously recommended to work with accident attorneys who understand the scope of what qualifies as a catastrophic injury and how an injured [...]

The Valuable Work of Personal Injury Lawyers!

Every year millions of Americans are injured, with nearly 170,000 of those injuries being fatal due to the mistakes and negligence of other people.1

Personal injury attorneys are instrumental in analyzing their client’s injury situation and helping them seek just compensation for pain, suffering, and other damages that could affect [...]

Criminal Charges – How Do They Affect Car Accident Cases?

Although personal injury lawsuits are civil cases against a person or entity that caused your injuries, there are times when criminal charges levied on the defendant could come into play.

Traffic citations, DWI tickets, and other applicable criminal charges resulting from your accident may be presented in court by your [...]

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