The Valuable Work of Personal Injury Lawyers!

Every year millions of Americans are injured, with nearly 170,000 of those injuries being fatal due to the mistakes and negligence of other people.1

Personal injury attorneys are instrumental in analyzing their client’s injury situation and helping them seek just compensation for pain, suffering, and other damages that could affect [...]

Here Are 5 Great Ways To Be Accident-Free on St Patrick’s Day!

Whether you are Irish by birth or an honorary Irishman once a year, St. Patrick’s Day can be a day filled with fun and merriment for you and your friends.

It’s also one of the more eventful days for car accidents and unless you plan ahead for a safe holiday, [...]

Are New Car Safety Systems Effective – or Distracting?

Distracted driving continues to be a prime cause of serious car accidents today, with some surprising contributing factors.

Personal injury lawyers are finding more instances where on-board technology that is meant to make driving safer is actually having the opposite effect.

It leaves even the accident attorneys representing these cases [...]

Why Should I Settle My Personal Injury Case Out of Court?

An important role that your lawyer plays in your personal injury claim case is that of advisor, especially when it comes to knowing when to pursue a trail versus when to settle out of court.

Even though going to court may be warranted in certain cases, if both sides cannot [...]

Funeral Processions – Must I Yield To Them In Texas?

injury claim attorneys in houston texas


Do you know what to do if you come upon a funeral procession while traveling on Texas roadways? Personal injury lawyers find that many drivers do not know how to handle this situation, which is evidenced in the increasing frequency of accidents involving funeral processions. As ironic [...]

How To Avoid Auto Accidents If Using GPS Navigation

Attorneys in Pearland Texas

Distracted driving causes numerous car accidents today. Extensive crash research conducted by traffic safety organizations such as the National Transportation and Highway Safety Agency (NTHSA) have demonstrated that distraction causes accidents.1Auto accident attorneys agree that anything that takes a driver’s attention off the road can cause an accident.


Texas Deadly Highways – Looking At Where They Are and Why

Lawyers in Pearland Texas

Despite the ongoing efforts of safety organizations to increase driver safety and reduce traffic accidents, fatalities that occurred in accidents across the nation increased in 2015. These numbers may be especially significant in Texas, since auto accident lawyers understand that Texas is home to some of the country’s [...]

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