What Are The Current Trends for Truck Accidents in Texas?

Personal injury lawyers in this time of COVID-19 are finding that the pandemic has had interesting effects on traffic trends, including those involving trucks and resulting truck accidents.

Between stay-at-home orders and changes to commercial supply chains, the numbers of cars and trucks on the road has certainly changed as [...]

Why Tanker Truck Rollover Accidents Need Special Handling!

Tanker rollovers are some of the more dangerous crashes that truck accident lawyers see today that cause incredible amounts of damage and frequently result in serious and fatal injuries.

They are not that uncommon as tankers transporting liquid cargo are much more likely to roll over than any other type [...]

Big Rig Accidents – What About Back Seat Passenger Injuries?

Farm Insurance Agency in College Station Texas

Big rig accidents happen every day, injuring people in a variety of ways. While many vehicles contain crash protection devices like shoulder harness seat belts and airbags that can reduce injuries in such events, those sitting in the back seat of a vehicle are more susceptible to serious injury. [...]

The Danger And Consequences of Driving While Drowsy!

truck accident attorneys in pearland texas


One of the more significant causes of traffic accidents today is driving while drowsy; many of these accidents involve big trucks. Experienced attorneys familiar with truck and car accidents as well as traffic safety groups note that truck drivers are particularly susceptible to driving while sleepy, although [...]

Why Are There More Fatal Truck Accidents in Texas?


An interesting thing is happening on today’s roadways with respect to commercial carriers and the number of 18-wheeler accidents that occur. Despite a massive driver shortage, and fewer trucks on the highways throughout Texas and the rest of the nation, safety advocates and truck accident lawyers who deal [...]

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