How Do Oil Fields Relate to Highway Accidents?

The oil boom going on in Texas has generated many benefits to the state, including a bolstered economy and thousands of new jobs as more oil workers are needed every day to handle all the activity.

The downside of this boom is workplace accidents, of which the oil and gas [...]

Accidents with Dump Trucks – Why Are Injuries So Severe?

Although a large percentage of truck accidents involve tractor trailers, personal injury claims attorneys know that many commercial vehicle accidents also involve dump trucks.

These trucks are classified as single-unit large vehicles and can be quite dangerous to operate.

Dump trucks are responsible for more injuries than most people realize. [...]

Merging and Lane Changes – Are Truckers Paying Attention?

Truck Accidents in Pearland Texas

There are many different reasons for serious and even deadly truck accidents. One common factor in many of these incidents is poor merging or dangerous lane changes. Since operating these large vehicles is more challenging than driving a car, operators need to be alert and safe when making lane [...]

Big Rig Accidents – Important News About Reducing Rollovers!


Passenger vehicle drivers on the road must be alert to the hazards of truck accidents. Rollovers are quite common when big rigs crash and create a significant risk for both truck drivers and those traveling in passenger vehicles. Attorneys who handle semi truck accidents see many cases [...]

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