Don’t Underestimate the Impact of Car Accident Injuries

There are millions of cars on the road every day and accidents are an unfortunate inevitability as are the resulting injuries which take different forms and are long-lasting. The emotional impact caused by an auto accident is often overlooked and injury lawyers can help clients who suffer from both physical and psychological injuries.

Accidents – The Psychological Side

In 2013, there were 232,041 people injured in the state of Texas in various types of traffic accidents.1 This statistic includes both minor and serious physical injuries. It also includes psychological injuries, such as anxiety or fears brought on by being involved in a car accident. Many people suffer from severe emotional distress due to an accident. Injury lawyers note that psychological injuries cause similar problems as physical when they interfere with work performance and sleep.

A car accident can be a frightening and disturbing event greatly impacting those involved. Studies suggest that up to one-third of those involved in car accidents have psychological or emotional issues including Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).2 Symptoms such as anxiety and accident-related phobias can persist even a year after the event.

The Significance of Psychological Injury

Although the person who sustains a physical injury is more likely to develop problems after a car accident, those who are not physically injured are often psychologically affected as well. When such effects last longer than a few months, injury lawyers suggest those individuals consult with a therapist about the incident and their condition.

People involved in a car accident may feel anxious or suffer from other symptoms such as fear, depression, or even nightmares about the event. Such symptoms are normal and usually begin to fade after a few months. If the symptoms persist, it could indicate a more significant problem and treatment may be required for a person to resume normal activities. Attorneys who help clients receive compensation for psychological injuries include these claims as part of a settlement demand.

An individual who has been involved in a car accident and is experiencing psychological stress or symptoms should talk to a medical professional. If diagnosed with anxiety, PTSD, or other stress-related problems due to a car accident, injury lawyers can help clients present an injury claim to the responsible party and/or their insurance company for the compensable injuries sustained. Experienced lawyers can help clients receive compensation to assist with the costs of the recovery process.



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