How Personal Injury Lawyers Help With Catastrophic Injuries!

According to experienced personal injury lawyers, a catastrophic injury can become a lifelong issue, both personally and financially.

In dealing with such injuries and their aftermath, it is seriously recommended to work with accident attorneys who understand the scope of what qualifies as a catastrophic injury and how an injured victim should be represented.

Even more critical, it is important to enlist the assistance of a personal injury attorney who can successfully represent clients with catastrophic injuries so that they receive adequate compensation for such a life-altering injury.

Catastrophic Injuries Are Life-Changing

Every year, more than 46,500,000 people sustain medically-treated injuries due to a preventable accident of some sort.

Among those millions of injured people as well as nearly 170,000 fatalities that happened, personal injury lawyers representing these individuals or surviving family members find that many people are left catastrophically injured for life.1

Whether due to a sports injury, a car accident, a workplace accident, or some other injury incident, an injury that is considered catastrophic will negatively affect a person’s life often indefinitely.

What Classifies As A Catastrophic Injury?

As it is defined by accident attorneys and insurance companies, a catastrophic injury is one that meets important, specific criteria such as:

  • The injury causes a permanent reduction in the quality of one’s life.
  • The injury results in a permanent disability of some sort.
  • The accident results in a need for assisted living care.

Injuries that attorneys see frequently resulting in these qualifying criteria include brain injuries, spinal injuries, the loss of a limb or limbs, blindness, retinal detachment or other permanent eye injury, hearing loss, neurological damage, organ damage, and many other conditions that can alter the normal continuance of one’s life.

The True Cost of Catastrophic Injuries

As if the injury itself were not enough of a problem for those dealing with them, personal injury lawyers stress in many cases, the bigger issue is dealing with the true price to be paid that comes with them.

In addition to the potential of spending a lifetime dealing with pain and suffering, accident attorneys representing clients with catastrophic injuries point out the other financial, physical, and emotional costs that often far surpass other physical injuries from which victims can eventually recover.

These costs include having to live with a permanent disability and the restrictions that places on the victim, loss of income, loss of life quality, loss of personal freedom, mental and emotional problems, ongoing medical treatment and/or rehabilitation, and much more.

For those left with catastrophic injuries, the price paid can be exceptionally high.

Defining A Catastrophic Injury Is Essential

In the wake of a catastrophic injury, it is essential that victims enlist the aid of a personal injury attorney who is experienced with such injuries and how to represent them.

Not only must that attorney be able to illustrate how the injury is affecting them today, they must also be able to show how it will do so well into the future.

That lawyer must be able to negotiate with liable parties a settlement based on the severity of the injury it self as well as an appropriate amount that takes everything from medical care and living assistance to quality of life into account.

Without skilled representation by an attorney knowledgeable in catastrophic injuries, reaching an appropriate settlement for the injured party can be much more difficult.

Catastrophic Injury Cases Need Personal Injury Lawyers

When a catastrophic injury occurs, the person injured is confronting an altered life from that moment forward.

A skilled accident attorney can make the difference between getting a settlement that will make the injured person's life a little bit easier or one that falls seriously short of that goal.

Anyone who has sustained a catastrophic injury in any kind of accident should hire an experienced personal injury attorney to handle his or her case!

1National Safety Council - Injury Facts: All Injuries - Overview for 2018, 2020

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