Insurance Code Violations

Hildebrand & Wilson, LLP Jan. 7, 2021

Experienced and Skillful Attorneys Helping Clients Stand Up to Insurance Companies That Wrongfully Deny Benefits

Insurance companies have a duty to act with “good faith and fair dealing” toward their policyholders. This means your insurance company is required to pay or deny your claim within a reasonable period of time, respond to your inquiries in a prompt manner, cooperate with you with regard to resolving your claim, and provide written notification the reasons why it is reducing or not paying your claim.

Insurance companies act in bad faith by failing to honor legitimate claims or wrongfully denying life insurance or disability insurance benefits. They may inadequately investigate a claim, or delay investigation, fail to pay or delay paying a valid claim, treating the insured as an adversary, deceive or evade insured’s questions, conceal facts, or show a pattern of denying all claims. Despite Texans paying thousands of dollars annually for insurance premiums, those companies often seek ways to deny that insurance coverage.

Our lawyers have studied the provisions of the Texas Insurance Code, the responsibilities of the insurance companies, and damages available when they fail to honor their obligations. Our lawyers have been very successful at getting insurers to honor their contractual obligations and pay the claims as well as other damages.

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