Kids In Car Accidents – The Effect of Growth Plate Fractures!

Auto accidents are a common cause of serious growth plate fractures in children. Accident attorneys who deal with all types of injuries understand that children are most susceptible to these injuries. Although any bone fracture is viewed as a serious injury, car accident attorneys stress that a growth plate fracture can have lifelong effects in how a child grows.

Considering the severity of these injuries, parents of children who receive any type of fracture in a crash should obtain the best medical treatment for their child and retain the assistance of accident lawyers who are experienced in dealing with these types of injuries.

Growth Plates - Why Are They Important?

Growth plates are the sensitive areas located at the end of long bones that generate bone growth. These important areas are responsible for allowing children and adolescents to grow to their normal size and height. Growth plates continue to produce bone until an adolescent reaches adulthood and their normal bone growth process ends.

Growth Plate Injuries Are Serious

Every year, nearly 125,000 children under the age of 19 are injured in car accidents in the U.S.1 Many of these injuries are bone fractures. Although most bone fractures can be healed with immobilization and rest, accident attorneys understand that fractures that occur within the growth plate can be serious and require specialized treatment. As many of these lawyers can attest, these type of fractures may have a lifetime effect on a child’s physical development if they are not properly repaired or do not respond well to treatment.

Growth Plate Injuries Require Proper Treatment

Although most growth plate injuries occur with a physical break to the bone, accident attorneys understand this is not true in every case. Because of the possibility of damage to the growth plate even without a bone fracture, accident lawyers stress the importance that children receive appropriate medical attention from qualified specialists familiar with the diagnosis of such injuries. Sometimes the only symptom is pain, even when an injury is present that could affect a child’s growth..

In addition to obtaining the proper diagnosis and medical treatment for these injuries, parents of children with growth plate fractures should work with car accident attorneys who have experience dealing with these type of damages. Should the injury be severe enough that irreparable damage has been done, accident lawyers will represent parents and their injured child in injury claims to obtain an appropriate settlement.

It is always unfortunate when children are injured in auto crashes. Car accident lawyers know that in addition to the possible injuries sustained, the whole incident can be frightening to both the child and their parents.  When a young person sustains a fracture to the growth plate, getting the right treatment is essential to ensure proper healing and preserve bone function. Parents of children injured in auto accidents should seek immediate help from accident attorneys who know what is involved with childhood injuries and can effectively represent families in these types of injury claims!

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