Learn About Getting To Work Safely!

Hildebrand & Wilson, LLP Dec. 29, 2014

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, 86 percent of the American work force drives to work every day.1 In cities this creates a very congested commute to work. Attorneys who work in law firms that handle auto accidents see a large number of cases resulting from rush-hour accidents. If you have been involved in an accident, it is always important to have an experienced attorney handle your case. Yet, the best defense for any driver on their daily commute is to drive responsibly and avoid accidents.

Leave Enough Commute Time

Rushing can lead to commuter traffic accidents. Drivers who are running late develop often speed, drive recklessly, or are otherwise careless which can result in accidents that could have been prevented. In fact, speeding and aggressive driving are a major cause of all traffic accidents in general.2

Law firms that handle accident claims advise that drivers should leave early enough to allow extra time and avoid rushing. Road construction, accidents, heavy traffic or other traffic issues are better managed by leaving home just a little earlier. When commuters make leaving a little earlier part of their regular routine, problems can be avoided. Drivers can arrive at their destinations unstressed and on time – and elude many accidents.

Avoid Distracted Driving

A leading cause of traffic accidents is driving while distracted. Accident law firms have seen an increased number of cases where a driver was distracted and crashed. With more vehicles than ever on our streets and highways, it is even more important to remain attentive and free from distractions, especially during rush hour when traffic is heaviest.

Whether traffic is moving slow or fast, distractions of any kind divert a driver’s attention from driving and what is happening around them. Without the ability to react quickly to what is happening on the road, drivers put themselves and others at risk of causing an accident. Drivers must refrain from anything that takes their eyes and ears off the road, and should pay attention to everything around them to avoid an accident.

Be Aware of Sun Glare

Depending on the time of year, morning and late afternoon commutes occur at a time when sun glare is a serious concern. Accident law firms have noted that every year, many accidents occur when a driver is blinded and cannot see in front of them. Drivers need to be prepared for sun glare and know how to react. Sunglasses should be easily accessible and car visors must be intact and functional. Keeping a clean windshield can also help to reduce sun glare.

Dress Appropriately

What a driver wears can also affect the daily commute, so it is important to dress appropriately. Clothing should be comfortable and well-fitting to allow for necessary movement; footwear must be safe for driving. Wearing correct fitting shoes with non-slip soles will prevent a driver’s foot from slipping off control pedals. Even if a driver needs to change shoes before and after the commute, it’s best to drive with safe footwear.

No one wants to start or end the workday with a car accident. Law firms that handle traffic accident cases strongly advise drivers to evaluate their daily commute to remain safe and accident-free. Proper planning and leaving just a bit early can make a difference.

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2Governors Highway Safety Assoc., Speeding and Aggressive Driving