Traffic Safety – How Does It Affect Auto Accidents?

Auto accidents are just that – accidents; they are unplanned and unintentional. Every year many people are injured or killed in thousands of motor vehicle accidents. Ongoing research is designed to make our roads safer and reduce accidents. Such studies help determine the causes of truck and auto accidents and what preventive measures can be taken. One important fact gained from this study as well as additional input from auto accident attorneys, insurance companies, and auto safety organizations is that increased traffic safety can reduce the number of accidents.

Leading Cause of Auto Accidents

The dedicated lawyers who help clients recover from auto accidents have seen the various causes of car accidents. Safety issues, not bad weather or other random occurrences, cause most traffic accidents. Some of the leading causes of preventable motor vehicle accidents include: driving at unsafe speeds; failure to yield the right-of-way; failure to obey stop and go signals; driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs; and following too close.1 Many auto accident attorneys report that failure to follow safety rules as well as a lack of common sense is responsible for the majority of motor vehicle accidents.

The Significance of Traffic Accidents

In Texas, there were 65,539 serious injury crashes in 2013 that resulted in 89,270 serious injuries and 232,041 overall traffic accident injuries. These injuries involved: 3,377 fatalities, 767 occurred at intersections; 485 involved pedestrians; 1,089 were related to alcohol use, and 460 involved distracted driving.2 The cause of many traffic accidents is failure to abide by basic traffic laws designed to prevent accidents and drivers being unaware of their surroundings.

Traffic Safety Starts With Awareness

Lawyers who represent clients injured in car accidents state that drivers must understand the rules of the road, abide by all signs and signals, and stay focused on their driving. A high priority to create a safer driving roadway is to prevent distractions. Diversions such as texting, talking on the phone, and eating while driving should always be avoided. In Texas, texting and cellphone use is illegal in school zones only. Auto accident lawyers advise that using mobile devices when involved in an accident is still a factor in determining negligence.

Accidents can happen if speed limits are not followed or safe following distances are not observed. Drivers can prevent accidents if they also use common sense and modify driving behavior during bad weather.

The simple truth is that safe driving begins with safe drivers who understand the seriousness of their role in preventing motor vehicle accidents. Because accidents happen when least expected, attorneys who frequently handle auto accident claims stress that a driver’s best defense is to stay alert at all times to changing road and weather conditions. Using good traffic safety practices and learning safe driving skills can prevent car accidents from happening!

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