18 Wheelers – Federal Laws To Prevent Big Rig Accidents!

Of all the traffic accidents that happen on U.S. roadways and highways, 18 wheeler accidents are among the worst to take place, causing the highest amount of damage and greatest loss of life.

The latest NHTSA report on large truck statistics states that as of 2017, there were 4,761 fatal [...]

The Accidents Caused By Unsecured Loads On Big Rigs!

Lawyers in Pearland Texas

Heavy trucks play a critical role in transporting goods across the United States. Unfortunately, as many lawyers who help clients involved in big rig accidents can attest, some drivers are careless when it comes to securing their loads. As a result, people are injured or even killed in [...]

Looking At Big Rigs And Dangerous Road Accidents!

Big Rig Accidents in Houston Texas

Hundreds of thousands of big rig accidents occur every year across America, resulting in many serious injuries and fatalities. While big rig accident attorneys find that human error or even negligence cause many of these events, road hazards and dangerous roadway also cause a fair number of these [...]

Why Are There More Fatal Truck Accidents in Texas?


An interesting thing is happening on today’s roadways with respect to commercial carriers and the number of 18-wheeler accidents that occur. Despite a massive driver shortage, and fewer trucks on the highways throughout Texas and the rest of the nation, safety advocates and truck accident lawyers who deal [...]

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