Car Accidents – Beware Of The Dangers of Rubbernecking!

Distracted driving causes car accidents and comes in many forms, from texting while driving to falling asleep at the wheel.

Another form of distraction that can cause accidents requiring assistance from attorneys who concentrate on handling car accidents is rubbernecking.

These law firms have found that rubbernecking at a previous [...]

Distracted Driving Accidents – It’s Not Just Cell Phones!

Driving distracted is one of the most common ways that anyone can become involved in an auto accident.

Many people assume that most driving distractions are caused by cell phones.

Lawyers who help clients deal with the effects of auto accidents know from experience that there are actually more distractions [...]

Vehicle Submersion and Car Fires – Do They Happen A Lot?

car accidents in pearland texas


Car accident lawyers who help people injured in automobile accidents know that crashes occur in a variety of ways. Rarely do these car accidents involve vehicles that are submerged in water or ignited on fire regardless of what you see on television or in the movies. This misleading information [...]

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