What Causes Most Motorcycle Accidents in Texas?

The state of Texas is home to the 6th largest population of registered motorcycles in the entire country.

Unfortunately, it's also home to the second-highest overall number of motorcycle accident fatalities, a disproportionate number based on registrations in comparison to other states.

While there are numerous safety programs in place [...]

Motorcycle Accidents – What Is The Most Common Type?

There are millions of registered motorcycles used for daily transportation and recreation.

These vehicles make up only a fraction of the traffic on the roads; however, lawyers who handle motorcycle accidents are well aware that they are involved in a disproportionate number of accidents.

To stay safe on the roads [...]

I Drive A Motorcycle – How Can I Best Avoid Accidents?

motorcycle accidents in houston texas


There are thousands of motorcycles on the road every day, sharing the highways with other larger vehicles. They are efficient transportation and fun to ride. Unfortunately, lawyers who help people injured in motorcycle accidents see the downside of motorcycle riding when riders are involved in dangerous crashes. Eighty percent [...]

Motorcycle Accidents And When To Replace Helmets!

Lawyers in Pearland Texas

The most important safety item that protects a rider during a motorcycle accident is a properly fitting motorcycle helmet. Although good helmets can be expensive, motorcycle accident attorneys agree that the better the helmet, the more protection is offered.

Motorcycle accident lawyers also point out there comes a time when helmets need to [...]

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