Does Texas Consider Contributory Negligence in Truck Accidents?

Millions of car and truck accidents occur every year in the United States, events that are responsible for millions of injuries, tens of thousands of fatalities, and have a monetary cost of $871 billion1 in damages and compensation to those affected.

Those involved in accidents often ask Texas truck accident [...]

The Dangerous Results of Objects Falling From Semi Trucks!

Every year, lawyers who handle semi truck accidents work with individuals who have been injured in semi truck wrecks involving objects falling from these big rig trucks. As unlikely as these events may seem, dangerous semi truck accidents that result from improperly secured loads and road debris happen quite often.

The results can [...]

Electronic Control Modules Value in Semi Truck Accidents!

Lawyers in Pearland Texas

Semi truck accident lawyers see thousands of cases every year that deal with the aftermath of serious crashes. When people are injured in semi truck accidents and turn to attorneys to help them, one of the primary goals is to determine what, why, and how the accident happened. [...]

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