Russia, Leningrad Region, One kilometer from Gatchina
Belarusian truckers have an accident in one kilometer from the town of Gatchina . While they themselves do not know what happened to their truck , but suggest that broke the front axle. Truck cab drove 50 inches from the tree , so both drivers miraculously remained alive. At the time of the shooting , they were here to see prices for the second day . According to the drivers , the police took them all the documents for the car and the little money that was available. On the third day after the accident, was able to negotiate with the nearest part of the military for help. They drove a military truck of the Red Village and within an hour trying in vain to pull the injured truck.
On the fifth day after the accident losers truckers agreed with the driver of another truck with a driver and a grader to those helped pull their car out of the ditch . After that became traffic jams , police arrived quickly and silently began to observe what is happening , they did not come up and try and help . But as soon as they saw the photographer, they went and banned other drivers to help truckers to pull their car out of the ditch , because by law they had no right to block the road. In peacetime, it can only do the police . Soon podehal Russian television caused me and the police immediately left.
On the seventh day after the accident Belarusian truckers left home for the money to do something about the situation. Once they left, the traffic police have blocked traffic on the highway and hired two cars : elevating crane & truck Kamaz and that two hours pulled the crushed truck out of the ditch . Then drove the broken traffic police truck on shtarf parking . Now drivers will have to pay not only repair sovey machines, but services and those who pulled their truck out of the ditch , and will have to pay for a simple machine special money parcing. Police decided to pull the car out of the ditch on its own the next day after the arri