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To the delight of kids of all ages, summer is here. When the weather has warmed is the best time for kids to be outside in the sun, enjoying the fresh air and a variety of activities. Personal injury attorneys unfortunately see an increase in accident cases involving young children in the summertime. Toddlers are especially vulnerable to certain injuries if the right precautions are not taken. Personal injury lawyers stress that parents and caregivers of toddlers must practice summertime safety to avoid serious childhood injuries during the summer.

Injury Risks Increase in Summertime

Every year, over 12,000 children die in the U.S. from an unintentional injury,1 which is the main cause of death for all children from birth to 19 years of age. Among these numbers, toddlers are an especially significant risk group. Although the leading cause of injury and death to toddlers between the ages of 1 and 4 years is motor vehicle accidents, CDC statistics show that drowning is the second highest cause and is responsible for 27 percent of all unintentional toddler deaths.2

Toddlers also see an increased incidence of accidents such as trauma, burns, and poisoning. These are listed among the most prevalent causes of injury and death of one to four-year-old children. To prevent such incidents, personal injury lawyers stress that caregivers of toddlers must understand the increased risk of this age group and be especially careful during summer months.

Avoiding Water Injuries

Drowning are a leading cause of injury or death to toddlers and increase by 89 percent in the summertime. Personal injury lawyers who have seen first-hand the devastating results of such tragedies advise homeowners to protect small children from harm by always supervising children when they are in the pool, staying within an arms reach.

All pools should have a secure fence around them to keep little ones out when there is no adult to supervise; kiddie pools should always be drained when they are no longer in use. Children swimming in regular pools should always wear approved floatation devices, even when supervised. Investing in swimming lessons for all nonswimmers can literally be a lifesaver.

Preventing Sun and Heat Injuries

Over-exposure to the sun and heat is another common cause of injury and death to small children. Because the sun’s rays can easily damage young skin, protect with sunscreen and reduce exposure to direct sunlight to prevent uncomfortable burns. Young children are particularly susceptible to heat stroke and heat exhaustion. Experienced personal injury lawyers point to the fact that keeping children well-hydrated with frequent rest breaks when out in the sun can prevent heat stroke and heat exhaustion from happening.

Prevent Unintentional Injury - Think Like A Child

Because children are exposed to all kinds of things outside during the summer; lawyers recommend that parents and caregivers must think like a child to prevent injuries. Toddlers who are curious by nature must be taught to not touch certain things and not put things in their mouths. This is very hard to teach to young children; so parents should make an effort to keep kids away from anything that could harm them and be equipped to handle emergencies if they happen. Increased summertime risks to toddlers include barbeque grills, insect stings, animal bites, falls, poisoning, and eye injuries, all of which when playing outside or at the beach.

Toddlers are inquisitive and active, anxious to explore the world around them. Summertime is an exciting time for toddlers; unfortunately, it can be a dangerous time for toddler-age children according to the lawyers who handle personal injury claims. To avoid situations that could cause serious injuries or even death to young children, personal injury attorneys recommend that caregivers must understand the increased risks during the summer months and proactively take the necessary steps to keep toddlers and children of all ages safe during warm summer days!

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