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On any given day, there are hundreds if not thousands of active work zones operating throughout the U.S. and in states like Texas as our roads are constantly being built and repaired to keep us all moving.

According to personal injury attorneys, these zones are especially dangerous with a high number of accidents occurring within them.

Work zone auto accidents leave many people injured, some of those injuries being fatal, and with some surprising statistics.

The key to reducing these accidents and the number of people who have to call a personal injury lawyer is understanding why they happen.

Work Zone Accidents - Some Startling Statistics

There were over 25,0001 auto accidents that occurred in work zones in Texas in 2018.

Among them, 141 of those accidents were fatal, resulting in 157 fatalities and more than 675 serious injuries.2

The FHWA indicates that in 2017, there were 799 fatalities in work zones nationwide.

Of these fatalities, 658 were drivers in vehicles, 136 were pedestrians and bicyclists, and 5 were other.3

Personal injury attorneys point out that both in the state of Texas and the nation, there is an indication in the most recent statistics that although the number of work zone accidents decreased from the previous year, the number of fatalities increased slightly.

Work zone fatalities also increased while fatal crashes overall decreased.

Taking all fatalities into consideration, Texas lawyers again stress the fact that about one-fifth of all work zone fatalities throughout the country happened in Texas alone.

Why Do So Many Work Zone Accidents Happen In Texas?

With so many serious injuries and fatalities happening in Texas work zones, safety advocates, auto accident lawyers, and many others are left to wonder why the number is so high in Texas in comparison to the rest of the country.

Here are some of the reasons:

  • Population - Texas is the second-most populated state in the country with 29 million people, most of whom live in and around larger cities and more populated areas.
  • Traffic Volume - Higher population around central areas means there are more vehicles on the roads and more chances for accidents to happen.
  • Number of Work Zones - Texas has more than 80,000 miles of highway and an average of 3,000 active work zones at any one time, also increasing the possibility of an accident.1
  • Distracted Driving - With so many drivers on the roads, distracted driving which personal injury attorneys find to be a significant factor in many work zone accidents is also more prevalent.
  • Speeding - Another significant factor that lawyers contribute to many work zone accidents is speeding and the inability to slow down in time.

Reducing Texas Work Zone Accidents Requires Cooperation

In summary, it is easy to see that Texas work zones are dangerous areas due to high traffic volume, speeding, distraction, and other reasons.

To avoid accidents that leave people in need of a personal injury lawyer, all drivers need to be especially vigilant approaching work zones and avoid the actions that cause these auto accidents.

Drivers of all kinds must cooperate by obeying work zone laws and directives, staying alert, and driving defensively, while anyone involved in an accident in a work zone should talk to a personal injury attorney as soon as possible.

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