Overloaded and incorrectly loaded tractor-trailers are an under-recognized cause of truck crashes in Texas, responsible for an estimated 5% of such accidents today.

Truck crash attorneys find that overloading is a common problem within the trucking industry, especially today as shipping costs continue to rise.

Semi truck crashes involving overloaded or improperly loaded trucks can have devastating results.

It is a serious problem that all Texas carrier companies and their operators must admit it exists to reduce this risk and make the highways safer for everyone.

What Are the Dangers of Improperly Loaded Semi Trucks?

When semi trucks are not correctly loaded, deadly accidents can happen on Texas highways.

Truck crash lawyers find that overloaded trailers that exceed federal weight limits, as well as those that are incorrectly loaded, create unsafe driving conditions in multiple ways:

  • Heavier Loads Are Harder to Stop - The heavier a trailer load is, the longer its braking distance is and the harder it is to stop. Truck crash attorneys find that many of these incidents result in devastating rear-end collisions when drivers cannot stop their trucks in time.
  • Leaning and Load Shifting - Trucks that are not properly loaded can experience load shifting while the vehicle is in motion, resulting in dangerous trailer leaning and swaying.
  • Loss of Control - Whether due to the inability to stop, load shifting, or other causes, drivers of an overloaded or incorrectly loaded truck can lose control of their vehicles more easily, sometimes with devastating results.
  • Rollover Accidents - Rollovers are common semi truck accidents caused by trailer overloading when the weight inside the trailer is top-heavy or when the cargo shifts going around curves.
  • Added Mechanical Stress - Operating a trailer that is loaded more heavily than it should be creates added mechanical stress on the tires, brakes, and suspension, increasing the possibility of mechanical failure.
  • Severe Damage Due To Added Momentum - Overloaded tractor trailers can cause substantially more damage in an accident, as the added weight increases vehicle momentum while it is in motion.
  • Loss of Cargo - Trucks with poorly secured loads can even drop their cargo right onto the highway or nearby vehicles, causing damage and injuries.

What Are The Causes of Overloaded and Improperly Loaded Trucks?

Texas truck crash lawyers see a number of common causes for truck accidents related to overloaded and improperly loaded trailers. Among them are:

  • Tight Deadlines and Increasing Costs - With the need to keep trucks fully loaded to offset ever-increasing carrier costs and tighter schedules, overloading has become more prevalent, especially in areas where truckers feel they can get away with it without penalty.
  • Poorly Trained Employees - Truck crash attorneys see inexperience and a failure to properly train drivers and cargo loaders about the right ways to create a balanced and secure load to be partially responsible for these accidents.
  • Poor Vehicle Maintenance - Failure to provide good maintenance to the truck and trailer by inspecting the braking system and suspension as well as the cargo tie-downs can contribute to semi truck accidents related to overloading and unsecured loads.

An Experienced Texas Truck Crash Attorney Can Help

Overloaded and poorly loaded trucks can cause serious accidents requiring the assistance of a truck crash lawyer familiar with why and how these crashes happen.

Determining negligence in these types of semi truck crashes can be challenging, as fault can lie with a number of parties.

An experienced Texas truck crash attorney will carefully investigate the event and help their injured clients get fair compensation for their injuries caused by an overloaded or improperly loaded truck on the highway.

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