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Motorcycle accidents can be very serious, more so than many car crashes.

There have been more than 89,000 injuries and 5,100 fatalities in motorcycle accidents in the U.S. in recent years.1

As with any other vehicle accident, personal injury attorneys stress that the way to have success with an accident claim is to bypass mistakes that could be costly later on.

Avoid these crucial mistakes and call a motorcycle accident lawyer as soon as possible.

1. Don’t Avoid Getting Medical Attention

Even if it seems there are no injuries, it is important that riders are at least checked out after a motorcycle accident as a medical record can play an important part in accident claim evidence.

Failure to get medical help in a timely manner after an accident could affect case results.

Of course, any injury at all should be seen by a medical professional immediately.

2. Don’t Discuss The Accident Or Admit Guilt

There are many things that can affect fault in a motorcycle crash, so personal injury lawyers stress not to discuss the event with anyone right after the accident.

Never admit fault or apologize, don’t give any information other than insurance information, and talk to a lawyer first even before giving details to insurance companies. 

3. Don’t Delay Reporting the Accident

Every vehicle accident should be reported so that police come to the scene, even in what appears to be a minor accident.

Accident lawyers stress that this is also true for accidents involving motorcycles.

A police report at the time of the accident is another piece of important evidence that can help support an accident claim.

4. Don’t Forget to Gather Info and Evidence

Beyond the police report, it is important to gather other evidence from a motorcycle accident to help the accident claim case.

Exchange personal and insurance information with the other people and/or drivers involved, then try to find witnesses who may have seen the accident happen.

Photographs of the accident scene and physical evidence of the damaged vehicles will help as well.

5. Don’t Leave The Scene

Accident lawyers state that the worst thing that anyone involved in a motorcycle accident could do is attempt to get back on their bike and leave the scene.

This can destroy any chance of proper consideration when filing an accident claim besides the fact that it is illegal.

Stay at the scene, call the police, exchange information, gather evidence, and get medical help if necessary.

6. Don’t Try To Deal With Insurance Companies Alone

Once all of the other requirements have been handled, the last essential step that should not be overlooked when a motorcycle crash has happened is calling a motorcycle accident lawyer.

Avoid trying to deal with insurance companies alone, especially in these types of accidents where proving actual fault can be especially challenging.

Avoid Costly Mistakes After Motorcycle Accidents

Compared to car accidents, motorcycle accidents do also happen and many times the results are more deadly.

Accident lawyers stress that anyone involved in one must avoid mistakes after the fact that could affect the outcome of an accident claim, especially if there are injuries involved.

Instead, parties must act on their own behalf by taking care of some important details first and then immediately seeking a motorcycle accident lawyer to assist them.

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1Insurance Information Institute: Facts + Statistics: Motorcycle Crashes, 2019