Every year, nearly a half-million personal injury lawsuits are filed with attorneys in Texas and throughout the country.

Car accidents tend to come to mind first when referring to these cases, but in fact, personal injury lawyers deal with much more than just car accident lawsuits.

Lawyers recommend that anyone injured due to someone else’s negligence seek a consultation to determine whether a personal injury claim for compensation is recommended to help them recover from their injury.

1. Car and Truck Accidents

Car and truck accidents are among the most common personal injury cases that attorneys deal with and also among the most challenging.

Injuries sustained in motor vehicle accidents can be severe and life-altering, resulting in damages that can enter into the millions of dollars.

These cases can be lengthy and difficult as lawyers attempt to decipher causes, faults, and all other details pertaining to the accident while seeking compensation for their injured clients.

2. Motorcycle and Bicycle Accidents

Motorcycle and bicycle accidents are another reason why people seek the counsel of personal injury lawyers, as both are also relatively common and frequently result in serious injuries.

Both motorcycles and bicycles are required to follow the same rules of the road as cars and trucks, meaning these cases can be equally challenging because many of these riders are injured when they are hit by drivers of larger vehicles.

Since some insurance companies may try to place more blame on riders rather than vehicle drivers, it is essential to have experienced legal representation in these accident cases. 

3. Premise Liability Accidents

Slip and fall accidents, falling objects, and similar accidents that happen on a personal or business premise are also common and often more complicated than they may seem.

Common injuries, like back and neck injuries, can result in lasting complications and proving negligence as well as responsibility can be challenging.

4. Workplace Accidents

Accidents that happen in the workplace are typically covered under worker's compensation insurance; however, when an employer does not have this coverage, problems can arise.

Personal injury attorneys will represent injured workers in claims against uninsured employers to help them gain the compensation they deserve after being injured on the job or help employees deal with issues about their worker’s compensation claim.

5. Medical Malpractice

Errors made during medical treatment or procedures leave more than 1 million people injured each year.

Medical malpractice claims that represent patients who did not receive the standard of care they were expecting may be warranted in certain cases.

When a mistake causes additional injury or requires additional treatment, personal injury lawyers can help.

6. Dog Bite Incidents

Dog bites and attacks are yet another instance where the legalities can get very complicated, especially when it comes to determining fault as well as the full extent of the injuries.

When dealing with this type of incident, working with a lawyer experienced with dog bite cases who has a full understanding of how the law is applied is essential.

7. Nursing Home Abuse

Sadly, nursing home abuse occasionally happens, with affected residents becoming victims of neglect as well as physical, emotional, and even sexual abuse.

These cases are devastating, while also being very difficult to prove.

Experienced personal injury lawyers can work with the families of elderly victims to establish liability when abuse happens to hold nursing homes and similar institutions accountable.

Contact A Personal Injury Lawyer When Injured In An Accident

Personal injury attorneys handle more than car accident cases, although those are more commonly seen than others.

Anyone who has suffered an injury due to the negligence, carelessness, or willful actions of another person should discuss it with a lawyer who can determine whether there is a case and if compensation for damages can be sought.

An experienced personal injury lawyer can help those injured by others claim fair compensation for their pain, suffering, and other damages to help them recover from their injuries.

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